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I publish; ergo, I exist

After many years in the corporate world, in 2009 I decided to fly solo as an independent communicator. However, even though things went well from the beginning, friends did not really believe I was serious about my business until I launched my website. Then, it clicked.

I had a website; ergo, I existed.

That was then.  Now, if you don’t publish, you don’t exist.

Which is why I’m creating this space.  Not to prove that I’m alive but share my thoughts, findings and musings on communications.

Most of my career has been with Fortune 100 companies, working with large communications teams.   Media relations, employee communications, issues management, speech writing are just a few of the areas in which I’ve developed expertise over the years, both in theU.S.and overseas.

I have lots of stories from my days as a globetrotter about how culture impacts communication.

But what I find more interesting these days is the cultural shift resulting from the explosion of new media.

New media is giving a voice to individuals.  The power to communicate with large and diverse audiences is no longer exclusive to large corporations who can afford a PR staff.

That’s the shift that I want to explore in this space.

I’m intrigued by professionals in senior positions who are listing themselves in new media not by their company title, as they had done before, but by their expertise, in essence branding themselves by who they are rather than the company for whom they work.

I’m intrigued by professionals who are using new media to share their thoughts and expertise in ways that their jobs don’t allow.

And I’m intrigued by the opportunities that new media creates for small communications firms, like mine, giving us access to tools available to big PR firms only in the old media days.

These are great times for communicators, and for people and companies whose voices weren’t easily heard in old media.  Join me in the exploration and discussion of the new frontier in communications.


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