(English) The Surprising Second Acts of the Former BSI Team

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  • Carol Hanlon

    Thanks Maria! What a treat to see that the spirit of BSI adventure still thrives. We created some mighty fine companies with BSI and our journey of growth and learning carries on and on. I look forward to hearing from others!

    • Maria

      Thanks, Carol. Indeed, it was a special group of people and we were lucky to be a part of it.

  • Kelly Myrick

    Great work to document the fantastic lives of these amazing people. Thank you for pulling this together.

    • Maria Schnabel

      Thanks, Kelly. Loved researching this. What are you up to?

  • Gerald Breed

    Thanks so much for compiling and editing these great stories. It was so much fun to read each one and reminisce about our time together at BSI and to learn about all of these “Surprising Second Acts”.

    • Maria

      Thanks, Jerry. It was a special group, indeed.

  • Kate Roberts Henry

    Bravo Maria. What a fun blog. I hope you will continue to add to it. So interesting to see all the different paths people have taken.

  • maria

    And I just heard of one more! Will be updating soon. Thanks for the kind comment, Kate.

  • Jennifer Fox

    I absolutely LOVED reading the Second Acts of colleagues (and their families)! Thank you & KUDOS, Maria, for reaching out and helping us to stay in touch!

  • Amit Kesarwani

    Maria, thanks for your efforts. It is great to know what BSI friends are doing.

    • Maria Schnabel

      Thanks, Amit. How about you? What are you doing and where?

  • Fabio Coelho

    Bravo! Maria, you brought up many great memories. Super thanks for putting this together

    • Maria Schnabel

      Thanks, Fabio. What a nice group, eh? And we knew you back when!

  • Jamie Leyerle

    As someone slightly peripheral to the core BSI organization (was with BSIWS in Tampa and Atlanta from ’97-’00) it’s nice to see the updates on some of the familiar names. I have some updates (including personal information) on people–would be glad to share.

  • Bill Powell

    Good stuff, Maria! Thanks put putting all of this together.

    • Maria

      It was a blast!

  • Michael Roubicek


    Best Regards!

  • Gali Hagel

    Thanks so much for pulling all this together, Maria! Fascinating to see what everyone is doing. It took an explorer’s spirit to be part of BSI, and obviously people are continuing to embody that spirit. Looking forward to more stories in your next post. Best to all.

  • Maria

    Glad you enjoyed it, Gali. I had a great time compiling the stories. Indeed, more are surfacing. Working on the new post. Take care and stay in touch.

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