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  • If it’s Now or Never, I’m Choosing Now

    Versió en català aquí
    I’m pretty sure that when I’m on my deathbed looking back at my life, one of the things I’ll be most glad I did not miss is Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.
    And I don’t mean watching the parade.

    I mean being in the parade, feathers and all!

    You want to measure what?

    At the time, […]

  • És Ara o Mai

    English version here
    Cada any, quan arriben els dies de Carnaval dono gràcies de no haver-me perdut el més fantàstic de tots, el Rio de Janeiro.

    I no em refereixo a mirar-lo des de les grades, no, sinó a desfilar, plomes i tot!

    Prenent mides

    Parlo dels anys 1997 i ’98, quan vaig estar molt de temps treballant a São […]

  • Spreading our Wings

    Some see retirement a glass-half-full, half-empty proposition.

    I see mine overflowing with possibilities.

    Having just ended a long career in corporate communications, I am now looking forward to spreading my wings and exploring new horizons.

    Speaking of spreading my wings, let’s start with my new-found interest in the outdoors.

    This former “if-it’s outdoors-I-haven’t-been-there” bookworm is venturing outside, nature journal […]

  • I Brake for Boiled Peanuts

    One of my favorite things about car trips around the South is spotting a boiled-peanuts stand on the side of the road. Must stop for the salty treat and a taste of country culture. The stand below can be found before entering the bridge to St. George Island in the Florida Panhandle.