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  • “My” Catalan Conflict


    Many years ago my father, then a young idealist, fought to defend Catalonia against Franco’s forces in the last battles of the Spanish Civil War. He ended up exiled in a concentration camp in France where he endured inhuman, unspeakable living conditions.

    When eventually he was allowed to return to Spain, he managed to lock away…

  • Sleeping Beauty Misses Out in Life

    She was too pretty to play with, said my mother.

    So, she wrapped Mariola in blue tissue paper, lest light yellow her porcelain-like skin and crisp-white ballerina outfit; tied soft bows around her wrists and ankles to preserve her ladylike stance; and then stored her in a closet where she remained, in the dark, for the…

  • Pedigree Hiring Undermines News Media Credibility

    Chelsea Clinton joins list powerful families’ offspring to land choice spots

    Former first-daughter Chelsea Clinton will make her journalistic debut tomorrow as special correspondent for NBC’s newsmagazine “RockCenter.”  With that, she joins a select group of sons and daughters of America’s most influential families (see infographic) who landed some of TV’s much-prized news reporting spots.

    Some of…