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Cross-border volunteers prepare for trip of a lifetime

Next Saturday, about 30 Mike’s Angels volunteers will convene in the Atlanta airport for the foundation’s third-annual mission to Guatemala’s orphanages.

The group includes both first-timers and veterans, their ages ranging from 12 to 70.  Among them are eight St. Pius’ high-school students and alumni, three lawyers, four therapists, one doctor, and few moms and their daughters, including Mike’s Angels’ founder Trish Marcucci-Sheeran and her five-year-old daughter, Angelina.

Mike's Angels board member Mary Powell packs donations for the group's 2012 mission trip to visit orphanages in Guatemala. (Photo by Larry Stevens.)

Last weekend, the volunteers met in Marcucci-Sheeran’s basement to pack piles of donated clothes, toys, books, school supplies, linens and toiletries inside 19 large suitcases.  The donations will be distributed among five orphanages: Hogar God Bless the Children in Antigua Guatemala; Hogar San Jerónimo Emiliani in Guatemala City;  Hogar San Jerónimo in Zaragoza; Hogar Anini, a special-needs orphanage in Antigua; and Hogar Madre Ana Rosa Vitelio, a home for children with AIDS in Chimaltenango.

“This is my third year volunteering for Mike’s Angels,” said Erina Nichols, communications director. “I can’t wait to see the kids at the orphanages and see how much they’ve grown. My goal is to bring as many smiles to the kids’ faces as I can. They always bring a smile to mine.”

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