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Signs of spring in Piedmont Park

Long after Atlanta’s annual festival of fall colors ends, and after the Holiday decorations come down, the city enters the gray days of winter, when the town and its residents await the arrival of spring.  Nowhere is this more evident than in Piedmont Park where, on a gloomy Sunday in February, the branches on the trees remain bare and the walkways, empty.  But a closer look reveals sure signs that spring is just around the corner.

Piedmont Park, Atlanta, GA (Feb. 2, 2012)– Atlanta’s frequent gray winter days cast an eerie mood on the city’s most popular park.  Piedmont Park is Atlanta’s largest and most cherised oasis for city dwellers, particularly during spring, summer and fall. 

 A Dark-Eyed Junco swings on a bare branch, a reminder that it’s still winter in Atlanta.  The species winters in the South before flocking to the North in the spring.  

Spring is around the corner.  Dogwood trees are a symbol of spring in Atlanta when, for about two weeks in April, their white blossoms can be seen around the city.  

Camelia buds are blossoming.  The calendar says its still winter but the weather feels like spring the the camelia bushes prove it.

 A sighting of an American Robin (a male in this case) is a harbinger of spring.  Its presence, along with some timid buds on trees and bushes, announce the arrival of spring. (Photos by Maria Schnabel) 

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