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Ban on adoptions leaves thousands of Guatemalan children stranded in orphanages

Guatemala, a country that used to rank at the top in terms of number of children being adopted by foreign parents, now finds itself with thousands of children being stranded in orphanages without the prospect of finding a home.  The following story describes what lead to the current situation and the work of many foreign volunteers who go to Guatemala to help out.


    • Brayan

      Save the children and save the world  set up a charity foundation today  the united nation international children emergency fund currently disbursing out fund to willing individuals and co operate  organisations ready to setup a charity orphanage institute
      If  interested in this pursuit to save the world   summit your official identification details as follows, Name in full„country state and province address ,postal or fax code /mobile no, Date of birth registration ,present occupation,and a photo scan of a valid means of identification  to  
      UNICEF   fund management  directory  for documentry verification and fund   disbursary

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