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There is a home for everyone

Animal-lover Kris Rainey believes the right home is out there for everyone. It’s a belief she shares with Atlanta Pet Rescue, a small, no-kill animal shelter in Midtown Atlanta where she works as a volunteer. The shelter handles mostly smaller dogs, which are more suitable for in-town dwellings.

Unlike many other shelters, Atlanta Pet Rescue does not euthanize animals. In the video, Rainey explains how a small group of volunteers keeps an open, loving environment for the dogs until the right family comes along. Rainey, a former service-dog trainer, often fosters new arrivals to the shelter at her own home until they regain their health and trust and are ready for adoption.

“I believe the right home is out there for everyone,” she says.

There is a home for everyone from Maria Schnabel on Vimeo.


  • anne glaser

    Kris is my hero! She gives these dogs so much love and is committed to finding the perfect match for all her dogs. Kris helped me find my Ginger and we are a perfect match!

  • Susan Arnold

    My sister, Kris, has loved dogs since she was a little girl. When she was about 8 years old she had a boxer dog toy which was left behind in a motel room when our family was traveling to Florida. She was bereft until the motel owner returned the toy dog to her. I love to visit her in Atlanta and always look for that same boxer dog in her closet 60 years later. She is my hero for being a wonderful sister, a sister dog with a tail and and special human being who understands the emotional and social life of dogs. Someday I hope she will write a book about each of the dogs for whom she has found the perfect home.
    I love you, Kris.

  • Bill D. Franchik

    Hello Kris, great work. I was wondering if you could give me some info about volunteering. I tried to go back to the Canine Assistance program but I have been out of town everytime they have the training so I have not been able to join. I would like to volunteer once or twice a week so I wonder if you could help me. Bill

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