Maria Schnabel

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  • The Surprising Second Acts of the Former BSI Team

    “There are no second acts in American lives,” F. Scott Fitzgerald said. But that was in 1941, long before BellSouth International (BSI) closed and its team members went on to prove him wrong. Since then I’ve been hearing about former colleagues doing amazing things in business, philanthropy, education, sports, on the global scene, in their communities…
  • Sleeping Beauty Misses Out in Life

    She was too pretty to play with, said my mother.

    So, she wrapped Mariola in blue tissue paper, lest light yellow her porcelain-like skin and crisp-white ballerina outfit; tied soft bows around her wrists and ankles to preserve her ladylike stance; and then stored her in a closet where she remained, in the dark, for the…

  • Spreading our Wings

    Some see retirement a glass-half-full, half-empty proposition.

    I see mine overflowing with possibilities.

    Having just ended a long career in corporate communications, I am now looking forward to spreading my wings and exploring new horizons.

    Speaking of spreading my wings, let’s start with my new-found interest in the outdoors.

    This former “if-it’s outdoors-I-haven’t-been-there” bookworm is venturing outside, nature journal…